Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day Three: April 14, 2011

We think we went to "flower heaven" yesterday. Our day began with a tour of Katrein's garden which she describes as a "woman's garden". She designed her garden, which has a dozen different rooms with vistas of the adjacent fields with cows and sheep. This photo of one garden room is filled with forget-me-nots which turn to a sea of lavendar during the summer.

We were served lunch in Katrein's charming and creative home prepared lovingly by her mother and daughter. Our afternoon was filled with demonstrations by Katrein and Gudrun. They created arrangements inspired by the nature surrounding us--armatures from lichen covered branches and mass arrangements with knobby twigs and flowing garden material. Gudrun taught us techniques with bear grass and aspidistra. We made bouquet holders and woven armatures from bear grass.
One of the most wonderful things about this trip is that we have been treated as special guests in our instructors homes. We have become friends through our shared love of flowers and gardens.

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